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Industrial Hoses


Low pressure, textile braided rubber hoses mainly used for general industrial applications like water delivery, suction, steam, cement grouting, breweries, petrol pump, oil suction and discharge and chemicals etc. Indorub manufacture a wide range of industrial hoses and each type of hose is having different type of construction. For e.g.… a carbon free hose is a non - conductive (electrical) hose used as an outer protective covering for power cable in steel mills, glass works etc. Similarly, a furnace coolant asbestos covered hose is specially designed for applications where hose resistant to heat radiation open flame and splashes of hot metals is

required and a rubber multi purpose water delivery hose is designed for service at all construction sites, dams, irrigation, mines, fire fighting and for gardening and domestic use etc…


Industrial Hoses


Rubber Heat Resistant Carbon Free/Cable Coolant Hose / Asbestos Covered Furnace Coolant Hose

Rubber Multi Purpose Water Delivery Hose (AS PER IS:444/1987)
Rubber Sand / Shot Blast Hose (AS PER IS:5894/1980)
Rubber Air, Pneumatic Tool,Rock Drill Hose (AS PER IS : 446/1987)
Rubber Hot Water Hose (AS PER IS : 5821/1986)
Rubber Steam Hose (AS PER IS 10655/1983)
Rubber Cement Grouting Hose (AS PER IS:5137/1990)
Rubber Multipurpose Chemical Hose (AS PER IS :7654/1987)
Rubber Water Suction Hose (Ligh Duty) (AS PER IS:2482/1990)
Rubber Double Armored Water Suction & Discharge Hose (HEAVY DUTY) (AS PER IS:3549/1983)
Rubber Petrol Dispensing Hose (AS PER IS:2396/1981)
Rubber Car Washing Hose (AS PER IS:446/1987)
Rubber Brewery And Food Grade Hose (AS PER IP:B S 5118)
Rubber Welding Hose (AS PER IS: 447/1988)
Rubber Oil Suction/Discharge Road/Rail Oil Decanting Hose (AS PER IS:10733/1983)
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