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Industrial Brake Liners


CHARMINAR bonded Asbestos industrial brakes is a flexible ,solid woven ,asbestos based friction materials ,made from yarn spun around brass-wire,which contributes considerably to its strength. CHARMINAR bonded asbestos industrial brake linings have a medium /high co efficient of friction combined with moderate temperature and wear resistance .it is available in roll form and segments,cones and shapes can easily be cut from it.being a flexible material it is possible to for it to radius when fitting it facilitatae this operation ,it may heated uniformly to a moderate temperature to soften the impregnant .it is designed solely for use Under dry conditions, CHARMINAR bonded Asbestos industrial brake linings are supplied with both surfaces unground. is a flexible

SIZE RANGE : Supplied in rolls of approximately 15 meters (50 ft). in thickness from 4.8mm(3/16) to 19.1mm(3/4) and in widths from 25.4mm(1) to 463.6mm(18 )



Good quality close grain or alloy cast iron.
IF steel, then forged or cold rolled with a brinell of 200 or over, cast steel is not recommended for use as mating surface.



(Data based on international standard test methods)


Tensile strength

246kg/cm2(3,500 lbs/sq.in)

Compressive strength (for 10% compression )

633kg/cm2(9.000 lbs/sq.in)

Rivetholding capacity

900kg/cm2)12,800 lbs/sq.in)

Specific gravity

1.75gm/cc 0.06 lbs/cu.in)


CHARMINAR industrial brakes is suitable for a great variety brakes and clutch components in the general industrial field such as industrial band and drum brake linings, plate and cone clutch linings (on e.g,, cranes , lifts,excavators winches m,concrete mixers ,drop hammers, mine winding appliances , under ground haulages, toppers ,oil well draw works, road rollers ,suger mill centrifuges) certain heavy road transports vehicles and tractors.

DESIGN VALUE : The coefficient of friction for design should be based upon the graph ,the severity of application ,and maximum anticipated operating temperature being taken in to account. Normal engineering practice should be followed in applying an appropriate safety factor to torque requirements of brake/clutch units.



Maximum temperatures- 260 c (500 f)
Mximum continous temperature- 125 c(257 f)
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