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Global Pneumatic Fittings


This powerful diverse range of pneumatic fittings is easily fitted for a clear control system. The high quality of these products is supported by an ISO 9001 certificate and are economically priced.


Pneumatic Fittings


Polyurethane Tubing / PU Tubings





PUT-01 4x2 30 10 10 100
PUT-02 6x4 30 10 16 100
PUT-03 8x5 30 10 22 100
PUT-04 8x5.5 30 10 2 100
PUT-05 8x6 30 10 20 100
PUT-06 10x6.5 30 10 23 100
PUT-07 10x7 30 10 25 100
PUT-08 12x8 30 10 35 100
PUT-09 12x9 30 10 40 100
PUT-10 12x10 30 10 45 100

SUITABLE FOR : Fluid & compressed air
STANDARD COLOURS : Blue, Black, Red & Yellow.


Salient Features :


"Polyurethane Tubings" are extremely light in weight, flexible like rubber over wide range of temperature and due to its good resistance to shock & abrasion enable the user safe and easy manipulation of the machinery.
It also resist to oil, grease, chemicals and ozone.


Applications :


Polyurethane Tubes (PU Tubes) are widely Used in Industries like Automobile, Textile, Chemical, Food, Instrumentation, Pneumatic control system.

In different region, It is known as different names like PU Tubes, Plastic Tubes, Plastic Pipes, Pneumatic Tubes, Engineering Pipes, PVC Pipes, spring pipes, plastic hose, plastic coil, air pipe, air tubes, high pressure pipes, pressure tubes, break pipes, air break tubes, non metallic tubes, etc.

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