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PTFE Hose with stainless steel braid (Convoluted)


Hose Type

: TFE (P)


: Inner Core Convoluted TFE(C)



SS 304.

Temperature Resistance


-54 C to + 232 C for continuous services - 73 C to + 260 C for intermittent service.



Where highly flexible connections are required.






Hoses for various types of steam Application.



Transfer hose for chemicals, hot spray, paint, adhesives aerosol etc.

Hot Oils


Transfer hoses for fuel bunker oils, lubricants



Hoses for hot and cold gases, refrigerants.


: Transfer hose for syrup, chocolate, milk, etc.

Hose specification Tolerance

: +/- 5%

End Connection

: can be manufactured as per requirement.

Consult our technical department for

High pressure and extra high pressure hose.
Hoses providing continous conductive path to the metal end fittings to bleed static electricity.
Requirement of technical drawing or query.
TFE(C) lined hose assembly fitting to fitting.
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