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Asbestos Mill Boards


Our product is made from superior quality Canadian chrysotile asbestos fibers and various other incombustible inorganic ingredients. It is compactly bound & has smooth surface. Our asbestos mill board contains various qualities including; low thickness, low thermal conductivity, high temperature resistivity. Our product can be easily cut, punched or wet molded and it provides dean edges, while cutting gaskets. These Asbestos Mill Boards & Asbestos Mill Boards serve various applications with utmost precision across various industries including; Automobile Gaskets, Padding, Construction of Roller Conveyors, fire Safety, Environmental Safety, Protection and Equipment, and many more.


Standard Available Size

1 mtr x 1 mtr (other sizes Available on request )
Below 0.8 mm in rolls of 1.2 mtr width


Available Grades

Grade TS-101 / NE -1001
  General purpose grades for high temperature insulation.
Grade TS -301

Superior grade for various specialized applications in automobile gaskets, sheets glass roller conveyors, padding in the steel strip industry and more.

Grade AI -111

Single Lamination Mill board made by the latest Foundrinier machine

Grade AI -333

Superior grade of single lamination Mill board for automobile gaskets Available rolls or sheets

Thermosil Asbestos Paper
Made from superior grades of asbestos fiber, with the help of Fourdrinier machine.
Extensively used for electrical and thermal insulation.
Available in roll from 0.18 to 0.50 mm thicknesses

Specification Compliance

Gost 2850 -1958
JSS 5640-4:1975
BHEL AA 21525 & PS 21502B
DGS & D /Misc./81C
OFM No. 62.020
  ASTM Classification : F 104 F 132000


A versatile material used for widely divergent application across various industries


For Insulation

In Electric Arc, Induction and other Furnaces.
In Boilers and Ovens.
In Kerosene Wick Stoves.
In Electrical Appliances like Domestic Presses.
In Steam and Hot Air Pipelines and Ducting.
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